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What Students are Saying

Randi is a gift to our community and the art of filmmaking. An inspiring - and hilarious! -  teacher, she's an expert in the field of Script Supervising with years of experience in a constantly changing industry. She approaches Script Supervising not only as a seasoned craftsman, but as a filmmaker and an innovative, creative mind. 

Since completing her course in 2014, I have not stopped working! Not only did I emerge from her course with excitement and great appreciation for the craft of Script Supervising, but complete confidence that she provided me with the knowledge and tools to build a thriving and valuable career in the industry. 

A wonderful mentor and a good friend, Randi continues to graciously lend her support and encouragement. She's ever interested in my projects. Always there with witty and searing insight. Always there to take my call when I run into uncharted territory. 

Thank you Randi! 

Simoné L, Student 2014

My background being unrelated to production in a city far from LA, I somehow discovered the role of script supervisor by chance. Yet only hours into Randi Feldman's workshop, it became crystal clear it was meant to be. 

In a blink of an eye, Randi's ability to translate her expertise and experience in script supervision took me from "Wait. They film out of order?!" to "Should we get a clean XI?".

I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to attend her full workshop. Though I was the only student in our class that had neither studied film nor set foot on set, in less than 2 months I was shocking not only myself, but fellow crew who couldn't believe it was early days for me as a script supervisor.

I can't thank Randi enough for being the most generous, wise and encouraging instructor, mentor and friend on this new adventure!

Hallie O., Student 2014