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"Hi Randi,
I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that your efforts in teaching script supervising is certainly paying off. I am doing well. I've been working steadily and am becoming very comfortable with the job. One short I worked on I nonchalantly let them know that the way they were setting up a shot the eye-line would be wrong, because, you know, that's my job, and the whole crew acted like I saved the day. The director and the DP were so appreciative of my attentiveness. It felt really good and I have you to thank!! I just got hired on my first feature and am very excited. It starts in May and goes for five weeks. So, thanks again."

- Erin Tambellini

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The Craft of the Script Supervisor

CINEMA WORKSHOPS offers a comprehensive series of workshops. The classes are hands-on, interactive, and thorough. You will find a summary of each listed below. Please click on your desired workshop for detailed course description, schedules, locations and tuition.

Beginning Script Supervising Part A

The Beginning Script Supervising Workshops cover all the hard and fast rules of filmmaking that every script supervisor must know. The course includes all the fundamental skills needed to successfully script dramatic films for film and/or television. Click here for workshop details. *

Beginning Script Supervising Part B:
"Will it Cut?"

This workshop has been designed for the script supervisor who has completed a previous training program in script supervising and/or already worked on a project as a script supervisor. Script notes from previous experience "on set" is important to bring to the first day of this class. We will be reviewing script notes and techniques for scripting effectively, with discussions of on-set experiences from within the group. A question and answer session is followed by more in-depth scene study. This course will also cover blocking and script supervising more difficult sequences with a discussion on problems and solutions. Click here for workshop details. *

Parts A & B: (27-days taken concurrently)

These two comprehensive workshops cover all of the above. Each class must be individually purchased (see each page's details for pricing, including early registration discounts. When registering for the Beginning Script Supervising Workshop, simply mark both boxes for Parts A and B.

Script Supervising for Commercials

Script Supervising for Commercials is designed for the student who would like to pursue a career as a script supervisor on commercials and/or have an interest in learning the differences between film and commercials to diversify their experience. This class will build on the foundations from the Beginning Script Supervising workshop. Click here for workshop details. *

Visual Effects Beyond the Basics

This course will cover all the basic information about working on a visual effects (VFX) team and script supervising VFX. It will include a discussion on the terminology and the history of VFX in feature films. Click here for workshop details. *

Director's Lab: A Step by Step Workshop for Micro-Budget Production

This workshop is intended to help organize you for the real world realities that are unfortunately NOT taught in the academic milieu of a film school. The hands-on, intensive course material will take you step by step through every aspect of the micro-budget filmmaking process, from finding the right script, to forming the business entity you will need to produce the film, to negotiating the necessary legal agreements, to the final stages of preparing for production.Click here for workshop details. *

Director's Workshop on Continuity

This course has been taught to aspiring directors, directors of photography, script supervisors, producers & editors in several film colleges within the United Sates. It is designed to help film makers understand the rules of continuity in order to improve how they prepare, shoot and complete their films. Click here for workshop details. *

Digital Scripting: ScriptE Systems

Come learn the only all-in-one digital Script Supervision Software from it's co-creator, Tony Pettine (script supervisor for "Black Swan", "The Wrestler", "Something Borrowed"). Tony will join Randi for a very special series of classes. Students can take either the 3 day and 2 day intensive hands-on ScriptE workshop. All of Randi's students are also eligible for a $100 Educational Rebate **. Click here for workshop details. Space is limited *.

Digital Scripting: Excel & Bluebeam Revu

This is a 3-Day, hands-on digital script supervising workshop that teaches PC users how to create the forms required for script supervising as well as how to use Bluebeam Revu to line the script. Click here for workshop details. *

* Most courses are limited enrollment.
Please check with Randi Feldman at or for availability.

** Please contact Randi Feldman for $100 Educational Discount Coupons at: or

Cinema Workshops Advantage

Valuable Course Workbooks
will supplement most of the workshops and may include anything from exercises, forms, information and essays about the theories and rules of filmmaking to references for getting suggested equipment and supplies.

Smaller classes with more individual instruction and hands-on training.

Get referrals to projects that are being shot by first time directors and student filmmakers.

Receive an hour of free consultation before or after a filmmaking project.

Take 2 for when you need a better grasp of the Beginning Script Supervising Part A after completing the course. Randi will allow you to sit in on a maximum of two future sessions of this workshop if you need a review for no additional fee.
See details.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition and fees are listed in the individual course detail pages.

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National Workshops

Workshops are on the schedule each year in the following cities:

Los Angeles, California

Workshops have also taken place at the following cities:

New York City, New York
Detroit, Michigan
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Script supervising workshops are available worldwide upon request.