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"Randi is a great teacher. Depending where you are in the country, she does travel and teach also. I know from personal experience that when you say Randi was your teacher, other Script Supervisors are more comfortable referring you too."

- Michele Tedlis

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Announcing 2024 Courses:

• Beginning Script Supervising Part A and Part B Workshops will be offered online via Zoom for this upcoming workshop series.
• No in-person workshops are planned for 2024. Please click below for available workshops:
Online WEEKEND Workshop Part A
Online WEEKEND Workshop Part B
• Take advantage of the 2024 Spring Sale with 20% off tuition for a limited time to students who register before May 25th, 2024.
• Payment plans are available for all online courses. Click for Payment Plans.

Spring Sale 20% Discount

20% discount on the tuition for the following courses. Must register before May 25th, 2024.


Referrals to film projects will be an ongoing process once you have graduated from the course studies. Also, you will be on a list of referrals for script supervisors on non-union projects. CINEMA WORKSHOPS actively refers you to producers, etc., who email, seeking for script supervisors for their productions.


Consultation is available with the instructor, before and after your first filmmaking project. It is strongly suggested that after your first projects you spend a consultation hour with the instructor going over your first experiences, notes, etc.

This extra session, after you graduate, provides you with an opportunity to go over your script supervising skills and review and ask questions that may have occurred during the filmmaking process.


Randi Feldman
Phone: 310.429.4864

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