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What Students are Saying

Randi Feldman's class was recommended to me by multiple people: her former students, script supervisors working at the top of the field, and producers. One of her previous students literally told me that Randi had changed her life. I went into the class expecting a lot, and was not disappointed. The course is well-organized and presents an incredible amount of information. She's one of those rare teachers who is able to teach inside-and-out the craft of script supervising, but also understands how to educate her students so that they grasp film concepts and theory, the overall construction of a film, as well as the nuts and bolts of on-set protocol, how to get jobs, staying relevant with technology, and preparing for many different types of situations. Randi demanded my excellence as a student and also encouraged me and gave me confidence. When I transitioned to working, the producer was shocked to learn that it was my first job. I am very happy that I took Randi's class and enthusiastically recommend it to others.

Alison O'd, 2015

In 2015 I decided on a complete career change to become a script supervisor for film and/or television. After reading all the books I could find but having never set foot on a set before, I knew that I needed to find hands-on training to really understand what I was getting into. Randi's course was better than I could have hoped for. She is passionate about the entire process of filmmaking and really gets you excited about being an integral part of that process. Not only do you learn the ins and outs of being a great script supervisor but the wealth of information she has and is willing to share is priceless. During the course she teaches both the theory and practical side of becoming a script supervisor. Also, I am a tactile learner and I feel that there is no better way to learn the core of this job than by learning while doing. Randi does a great job of bringing it to life and provides the opportunity to practice scripting by hand and in person so there is less mystery and shock once you get to set.

At the end of the course I felt confident that I could jump in, though still having never been on a set in any capacity, and do the job well. Within weeks of completing the course, and with Randi's help, I landed three short films and surprised even myself at how prepared I was for this brand new career. I owe it all to Randi and truly can't say enough about my experience with her. I highly recommend the Cinema Workshops courses to anyone looking to become a script supervisor.

Michele H., 2015

Put it simply, Randi Feldman is a treasure. She has not only worked as a script supervisor for many years but has taken up the task of teaching this challenging and complicated profession. With knowledge and passion, Randi walks you through the many responsibilities of a script supervisor. During the class, you can expect to be filling out production forms and lining scripts. Her hands- on approach allows you to make short films to illustrate the many concepts covered. Randi provides her students with the opportunity to hear experienced script supervisors speak, one on one time, resume reviews, work referrals and continued support once you graduate. Randi's deep understanding of the material, her energetic teaching style and the engaging learning atmosphere makes this class a must have.

The decision to take Randi's class has paid off in more ways than I can count. I look forward to taking several of her other classes to increase my knowledge base in other areas such as commercials, special effects and yes, digital scripting!

Gaelle H., July 2015