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What Students are Saying

Since completing Randi's Script Supervising class in 2012, I am convinced, through her teachings and encouragement, my career has been on a fast-track for success. Randi's curriculum is not only incredibly thorough, it includes years of personal insight, bridging the responsibilities of a script supervisor to the art of filmmaking.

Randi teaches scripting by pen and paper, a highly effective way to better understand the paperwork process of connecting a visual presentation of artistic work to its documentation. Additionally, through invited colleagues and guest lecturers, her curriculum introduces her students to current, real-time techniques valued in our industry.

Randi continues to follow my progress and has recommended me for various projects.  Each opportunity has been unique and, in many cases, opened additional doors for me.

The film industry has come to trust in the skills of Randi's teachings as it is reflected through the graduates of her course.  She is the best.

Kelli M., 2012

After taking Randi's script supervising classes (both parts A and B), I can tell you with extreme confidence that I feel fully prepared when I get to set. She gives such a detailed education on every single intricate part of script supervising that my nerves quickly go away once I receive a new script to work on.

Learning to do everything hand written in long form first was vital to my complete understanding of the job. I loved being in class and getting a hands-on experience of what it's going to be like in the "real world". I still reference her movie clip examples, and continue to practice diagraming complex shots to stay fresh on catching continuity errors.

When she had us shoot a short film, I truly learned just how important every single note I write down makes on a film's success. She is an inspirational mentor who keeps in contact with her students to make sure they are succeeding and to answer any questions I might have along the way.

This class was worth every penny, in my opinion. If you want to become the top script supervisor in today's industry, you need to sign up to take her course.

Hannah D., 2015